Creating an Innovation Campus

Why an Innovation Precinct?

Collaboration and partnership enhances the implementation of innovative ideas and solutions.

There is an opportunity to create an Innovation Precinct in the heart of Franklin. We must bring together community, Iwi, central government, big business, small to medium enterprises, universities, polytechnics and schools.


This is a model we want to see adopted across New Zealand

Our collective challenge is to understand what innovation looks like for Franklin, its organisations and its customers in 2042. And then ask ourselves the question, what if that's where we needed to be in 2025?

The vision for Innovation Franklin

Our vision is to create an all-in-one innovation campus. Both physical and online

Innovation Centre and Cafe

  • Onsite, open to all school students, the public, inspiring the next generation and educating parents.
  • A hub for innovative ideas that are unique to New Zealand, but can be shared to the world and the establishment of an Innovation Fund.
  • Supporting and re-establishing the Franklin Science Fair, encouraging our young people to dream.

Learning Centre

  • Part-time university, polytechnic and PTE courses. A future learning environment
  • Tertiary and high school students gaining work experience with high-growth businesses
  • Onsite career advisory service, supporting the work of local schools
  • Educating company directors around innovation, with global tech companies supporting onsite courses.

Innovation Business Centre and Business Units

  • 20-30 innovative, high-growth companies associated with the local DNA
  • Growth funding for businesses that are onsite
  • Support for businesses, helping them to grow and creating the jobs of the future in New Zealand
  • Funding support for businesses through Venture Capital, PE, and support from a leading bank.

Expected Outcomes
Nga hua e tumanakohia ana

This is a model which could be implemented in all main centres around New Zealand, developing a sustainable, innovative economy and making us the number one most innovative economy in the world.

For Franklin

Positioning Franklin as a centre of innovation for New Zealand

Attracting new business and creating jobs of the future in Franklin and New Zealand

Inspiring the next generation of our young people and taking parents on the journey

Full support for growth businesses, from innovation to commercialisation and export

Bringing the community together

Acting as an intermediary to bring future funding, partners and supporters to the region

For New Zealand

Increasing New Zealand’s GDP

Developing the country’s technology sector

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