At Innovation Franklin we are all about encouraging Franklin's young creative minds to push beyond what they know and discover the ability to look outside the box, to experiment and to dream big. Innovation is created by people who are willing to lean into the unknown and design solutions for issues, problems and obstacles that are unique in thinking and created right here in New Zealand.

During July and August, members of the Innovation Franklin Board had the opportunity to visit Pukekohe Intermediate School where they delivered innovation workshops to a select group of year 8 boys who had been recognised by their teachers as future innovators.

The opportunity to work with a small group meant we were able to share our stories of innovation and business experience, taking the students on a journey and demonstrating that with a little ‘out of the norm’ thinking, there are endless possibilities and places you can go. We had some great interactive discussions and exercises that left the students feeling “Better, Confident, Competent, Encouraged and Inspired”.

Dreams are yours to dream - Dreams are yours to achieve.

We look forward to visiting Pukekohe Intermediate again!